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Business Owners: How To Be 400 Percent More Effective

When business owners get stuck working ‘in’ the business, there are two things that business owners start to find challenging very quickly: thinking ahead and doing things in order of importance. Losing control and not doing these two key activities make the difference between just surviving in business and owning a successful, profitable and predictable…

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How To Do A Daily Standup WIFLE Meeting

Business owners looking to build a championship team who run the business for them, will have noticed the gaining popularity of the daily standup meeting and the benefits of implementing them in their own business. Today, I want to talk about a particular type of quick stand up meeting, that myself and other thought leaders…

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Did You Miss The Perfect Time To Sell Your Business?

September was a roller-coaster ride for stockholders here and overseas. Tidy wins followed by even larger losses, left the average investor reeling and were a good reminder that markets move in both directions. Valuations of privately held business have also been somewhat turbulent of late. In many of the reports I am reading—both large and…

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You Need A Business Coach … Even If You Don’t Want One!

In a recent podcast interview I listened to, famed thought leader Seth Godin exclaimed that nowadays, nobody wants a [business] coach … everybody who wants a coach already has got themselves one … I think Seth is absolutely right, and I couldn’t agree more! Business Owners Want Results … Here’s why…just like nobody wants to buy a drill…

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Selling Your Business: How To Avoid These 4 Common Traps

Easy…Don’t get caught out.. If you get this wrong, your lack of preparation could cost you the deal…or worse, you’ll take a discount on the business sale price.   Over the past 30 years + of being involved in business sales as buyer and seller personally, or as a consultant for others, I have yet to see…

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