How To Organise Your Business With Systems That Work
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How To Organise Your Business With Systems That Work

🎤 Podcast Interview just landed: Interview episode with myself and good friend Jesse Green from Savvy Dentist Podcast just landed.

⏱👨‍💼💰 I know every business owner running team will get value out of it. link to head over to the podcast directly.

😂 I just feel sorry for the poor audio editor as I had 2 X Latte’s just before the interview and my brain and lips got out of sync a few times. A lot of my answers came out as direct high speed information with catch up ahh’s punctuating it.🏎

In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:57] The story of how he found his way in the work he does.
  • [06:03] Most common frustrations of practice owners on manuals and systems.
  • [08:06] Having systems in your business and getting your team to follow documented processes.
  • [10:49] Things business owners should give attention to when creating systems.
  • [13:14] Tips on creating practical systems for your business.
  • [15:06] The possibility of over-systemising your business.
  • [16:26] Encouraging and challenging team members to be better in their roles.
  • [18:20] Creating freedom in your life while building your business.
  • [21:20] Actions business owners should take to transition from being the technician to business owner.
  • [22:33] The challenge of getting things done.
  • [24:34] Take our four week challenge to get yourself into the business owner role.
  • [28:43] Rookie mistakes in leadership.
  • [31:51] How the growth of a business depends on the growth of its leader.
  • [33:13] The skill set you need to run a multi-million dollar practice.
  • [34:15] Tips on becoming a better business owner and leader.
  • [37:30] Providing mentoring, training and skills development for your team.
  • [41:09] The importance of mentoring and systems in leading your team.

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