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I help successful business owners who are stuck in their business working hard, and still not seeing the results they deserve.

I help them turn their existing business with time, team & money challenges into one that is profitable, predictable, and performing.

By giving them a work-life balance they can enjoy both their business, and also their family, friends, and some fun.


Here’s how you can draw on 20 years of experience as a mentor-coach across 50+ industry sectors, & 40 years of business investment experience.

Maybe we should talk if you are…

A business owner looking for tailored, specific, personalised, one-on-one mentoring and coaching to get traction fast and breakthroughs for your current challenges and goals?

Looking for someone to work with who not only has the experience and track record as a mentor coach, but also the personal business experience of being where you are and being successful at it?

Which 1 or 2 quick wins would be most valuable for you right now?…

Here are some of the typical requests from clients which we delivered in the first 30-90 days.

  • Get back control of your business (+yourself) while Improving your return on investment of time, team, money and mindset
  • Get an extra workday a week freed up for more important things in your business and life
  • Make your existing team… your dream team. Where initiative and productivity is the new normal not the exception
  • Find an extra 5-10k profit per month. Wherever you are at, your business can always do better. Let’s find some more wiggle room in your cash position or fill your profit account faster
  • Eliminate the overwhelm of technology and digital automation in your business with a common sense master plan and implementation guide for you and your team to work through
  • Design & build a working marketing lead funnel to generate better qualified leads, more often
  • Develop a better converting sales process replicable with your team that takes qualified prospects to paying clients like a machine
  • Dramatically improve the efficiency & effectiveness of making and delivering your goods and services, so that clients are ecstatic, while increasing cashflow, control and bottom-line
  • You’ve worked hard to get your 9 key business model elements locked and loaded let’s get your business scalable by being less reliant on ‘you’ and push the ‘grow fast’ button