Business Growth Leaders was born out of a need identified by entrepreneur and founder, Geoff Currie. Recognising the rapidly changing environment for managing employees and required leadership skills to effectively get the most out of their team. Geoff devised the tools, systems and frameworks which is known as “BOSS-The Business Owner Success System™️” which is delivered in both his 18-month implementation business coaching program “The Hands Off Boss™️”, and for his private 1:1 business coaching clients.

Who is site for?

Our passion is work with people who own and run real-world businesses.  The value we provide is in making them successful, profitable under full/partial management separate from the owner.

You are in the right place if you own an established business which you started for:

  • the freedom to do what you want when you want.
  • the freedom to live anywhere, indulge your passions and thongs (no the sort that go on your feet… But hey who are we to judge?) and board shorts to work if you feel like it.
  • all the while making as much money as you deserve without artificial employee pay scales holding you back.

… Congratulations!

However, now the problem is that somehow, running your business is starting to feel gruelling.

Your holiday breaks are sparse and too short because your customers and employees expect you to be there.

Dealing with employee hassles and the busywork sucks up most of your day.

You feel guilty for not being at work and even more guilty for being at work when you should be home.

… The fun is gone.  Now it just feels like hard work.

If you’re here then it’s time to get your life back and we can help

Who is this site not for?

We don’t work with the ‘how to start a business’ group.  There are plenty of great resources already out there for the newbies and wannabes.  If this is you, we wish you the best of luck but we are not a good fit for you at this stage…come back after you have you have your time in the trenches and battle scars of business experience.

We assume you have a business, customers, receivables, and rent and all the other unglamorous stuff that goes along with having created a real business.  If you’d like to turn your existing business into a valuable, one, you’re in the right spot.

We don’t coach how to pass your business on to your kids – We think that breeding is not a succession plan and is only slightly cruel than child abuse.

How can we at Business Growth Leaders help you?

Our purpose here at BGL is to provide you with strategies, techniques, warnings, and advice on how to turn your business into a successful, profitable, manageable one.  Allowing you to run a business where you cherry-pick the projects you get involved in, take great holidays, build your wealth.

Then, when the time comes and you are ready, setup a full or quazi exit, and sell it for a premium, whatever you choose.

We work with you to show you a step-by-step process for turning your business into one you would want to own and run.  We have a range of specialised products and services designed with best practices in mind along with some of our own lessons learned the hard way from our own businesses

While we like to be on the cutting edge, we believe there is a difference between trends and tried and true methods, and that it’s our job to figure out which is which, and which is appropriate for you and your business goals.  With over a decade of  coaching and mentoring real Australian businesses; we have the track record for getting it right and getting our clients results.

Why We Love Working With Business Owners.

The team here at Business Growth Leaders (BGL) are passionate about business and the clients we work with.

Frankly, we believe the world needs more entrepreneurs.

If we had to rely on anyone to get us off the side of a mountain, we’d want a creative, tenacious, and tough-minded entrepreneurial business owner beside us.

When we vote, we prefer candidates who have run a real business.   We believe entrepreneurs and small business will be the ones to solve our biggest problems.

Simply put we love business and working with their owners.

Who is Geoff Currie?

For the past 20+ years Business Growth Leaders founder Geoff Currie has been a sought after coach, mentor, & trusted advisor to experienced owners with 5-to-50 team looking to build high growth, high profit businesses that work mostly without them.  

Over that time Geoff developed, designed and refined the tools, systems and frameworks which are collectively now known as “BOSS-The Business Owner Success System™️”. This set of technologies are delivered in both his business owner implementation business coaching program called “The Hands Off Boss™️”, and for his private 1-on-1 business coaching clients.

During the past 2+decades he has successfully used his BOSS technologies and business coaching to help transform hundreds of Australian businesses across more than 70 industry sectors, and he has received an industry “Action Man” award from his peers.

As an accomplished author Geoff has a deep knowledge and a practical approach to business and team development drawn from his own 40+ year entrepreneurial career of starting, running, growing, buying and selling his own business investments.

Geoff jokingly describes his unique skillset for business success with the quote by Liam Neeson’s character in the 2008 movie ’Taken’  – “… what I do have are a very particular set of skills.  Skills I have acquired over a very long career…”

Enough about us, are you ready to build a business that gives you freedom?

PS. Whenever you’re ready… here are 4 ways I can help you grow your business:

  1. Grab a free printed copy of my book Yes…its a real printed book and I would love to send you a copy. It’s full of tips, tactics, and strategies for growing a valuable business. — Click Here
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