Want BIG results but don’t know where to start?

Ninja SQUAD On Demand

Is your key to leverage your business with strategies that WORK.

"Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology."

- John Tudor

What You’ll Get:

Strategy Consultation

Get to know your business and review your business needs, and highlight key tasks that can be outsourced to our team.

Refine Strategic Business Objectives Into Actionable Tasks

We will work with you hand in hand to refine and sharpen your strategies and act on them.

Outsourced Specialists Implementing On Your Behalf

We utilise our team trained in most of the latest tools and techniques.

Why get Ninja SQUAD On Demand?

  • Free up existing resources - Free up time and resources of for the business owner and key team to allow them to be more focused on core business growth/income producing activities.
  • Focus on strategy not tasks - Allow the key leadership of a business to focus on strategy for the businesses digital marketing and automation by offloading the nuts and bolts of implementation of the defined strategic task plan to the NinjaSQUAD team.
  • Implement faster / Implement often - Results come continual improvements in your business. Our service is designed to take whats not working and fix it, and what is working make better.
  • Reduce burden of training/maintaining technical skills inhouse - Reduce increasing demands of ongoing training and specialties in the marketing and automation tools, by outsourcing to a team of trained specialists in the use of these tools.
  • Maintain ongoing marketing program - In our experience most digital marketing succeeds and results are amplified when their is a regular program of innovation and implementation.
  • Smaller regular investment - Many agencies are project based and require a large upfront investment of money and your time to get started. The investment of the service to be as an affordable monthly ongoing retainer to allow businesses to factor into operational costings. It also reduces the business owners time commitment to just the immediate issues.

What We Do

General Admin

Outsource Project Management


Graphic Design

Web Design-Front End

Web Design-Back End

Marketing Automation

Software Services

Recurring Tasks

Packages Available

NinjaSQUAD-On Demand (NSOD)

$99/wk - Billed $429/mth (99X52/12) *+GST

Suitable for most small businesses

NinjaSQUAD-On Demand PLUS (NSOD+)

$199/wk - Billed $862/mth (99X52/12) *+GST

For clients with larger needs

*Please note that all pricing on this page is for Australian Dollars and GST is charged in addition for all Australian purchasers.

**Note that while the NDOS services are designed to work closely with BGL’s - Play Bigger Online training and coaching program they can also be used effectively as a stand alone solution if 1/ you already have a clear strategic marketing plan or 2/ other suitable strategic business coaching or program.

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