Many of our clients come to us with the goal of breaking free of their remaining Self-Employed habits that keep the business relying on them so that they can finally break free, and finally become a true Business Owner. Our programs are designed from to quickly and methodically ‘build a commercial, profitable business that works mostly without you!’… much faster than they could on their own.

We offer 4 Results Based coaching programs at Business Growth Leaders designed around our unique BOSS process offering a flexible framework that is tailored to our clients goals and desired outcomes, but still offer the security of a proven pathway to results. All programs are results orientated in their approach and delivered personally by experienced coach Geoff Currie in a direct 1-on-1 format so that you can efficiently achieve faster results with the help and support to get you there.

Business Owner Success System™

Central to all 4 of our programs is the Business Owner Success System™ or [BOSS]™ for short which was originally developed by Business Coach Geoff Currie for Business Growth Leaders clients. The foundations of which were built from his personal methodologies as a successful business owner and investor over the past 40 years. Over the past 20 years as a coach Geoff shared, confirmed and further refined the framework while transforming hundreds and hundreds of businesses across 50+ different industries and their wonders lives..

The BOSS framework has 4-Phases which act as an implementation guide to consistently lock in bankable wins along the way with time, team and money.

These 4 phases are:

Self Leadership >> Team Leadership >> Sales and Marketing >> Operation Efficiencies

The first 2 are designed for the last two to happen faster, smoother … and without the owner doing all the work themselves.

As the business grows, each of these phases are revisited a few times to ‘recalibrate’ for the new business which has been built.

30-Day Pilot Program (FREE)

Designed to take your workday from Chaos to Control in 30 days.

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s fluff or lightweight. With this 1-on-1 coaching program you can achieve real results faster with the right strategies and support.

The 30-Day Pilot Program is designed to provide you quick wins in the areas of ‘time’ and ‘team’ so you can win back control of your day. The objective of this short introduction program is for business owners to cut at least 20-50% of their working hours over the month we work together.

This is an essential starting point in the for any business owner looking to grow their results in the areas of time, team, and money freedoms.

We recommend the 30-Day Pilot Program as a ‘try before you buy’ to see what coaching is, and if we are a fit for you (and visa versa).

To find more information and apply online head to 30-Day Pilot Program page.

120-Day Team Accelerator

Designed to take your business from Chaos to Control to Progress in 120 days.

Building on the 30-day Pilot Program, this program is designed to put in place the building blocks required to develop initiative and consistency in the team leading quickly to results for the business. When implemented this program allows the owner to finally step back and focus more on the business development while not overworking or overstressing.

This is a fixed timeframe, fixed agena program of up to 4 months. Working with the business owner to more fully implement the core components of the first 2 phases of the BOSS framework of Self Leadership and Team Leadership. A central component is implementing the 4 Meeting Rhythms that allow the team to step up and you as the owner to step back and watch the business grow faster than when you as the owner were doing the heavy lifting due to an under utilised team and inefficient structures.

By the end you will have a leadership team in place to help with the day to day stuff, a cohesive team that works together, shows initiative, and is empowered to ‘do the right thing’. During the implementation with your guidance, your team will develop and operate a set of procedures in place along with documented roles and responsibilities for each person.

As the owner you will develop new skills to fast-track your results for getting the most from your team; allowing you to go from chaos to control in your day and control to progress in your business. Allowing you as a business owner to spend time developing the business, and achieve some balance in your life.

For more information and see if and how this could work for you start with the 30-day Pilot Program which form the foundational components of this program or book in a quick 10 minute call with a coach to discuss if and how this program could help you.

Fast-Track Copilot Coaching

Designed to take your business from Chaos to Control to Progress to Success in 12 – 18 months.

Due to its flexibility and personal approach this is by far and away our most popular choice for established business owners looking to accelerate their results and become a true ‘business growth leader’. This program offers a direct 1-on-1 access to an experienced coach, to help design, implement, and support a personalised plan for BOSS.

With this program we consider ourselves more of a copilot of helping you with your business to fast track your results.

So if you want to take your business to the next level, gain outside perspective, and have a trusted guide to help you navigate decisions this is your best option. We help you design your business according to your immediate needs.

In other words this program is designed for business owners who are looking for a traditional ‘Choose your own adventure’ coaching option which is fully personalised to your own requirements, goals and needs.

While this program still follows the Business Owner Success System [BOSS] and its 4 core foundational areas it is more flexible in its arrangement which allows for the immediacy of dealing with the current and immediate situations of every day business demands that may have taken an owner shortly off track.

In most businesses the BOSS framework is installed in 12-18 months and then work with the business owner and their team to drive the business even harder or prepare it for sale or put it under management.

This is by application and for serious business owners only who want to complete their business so they can enjoy the rewards and freedoms of being a business growth leader.

For more information and see if and how this could work for you start with the 30-day Pilot Program which form the foundational components of this program or book in a quick 10 minute call with a coach to discuss if and how this program could help you.

Business Growth Leaders Alumni Program

Designed to take you and your business from Success to Freedom and maintain it.

At a point in your journey with us (somewhere between 18 months to 3 years) you will have finalised implementing the last pieces in the BOSS framework and are now enjoying the rewards of ‘a profitable business that works mostly without you’.

While there is always more to do in any business at this point you no longer need the intensity of our regular coaching programs, strategic plan, implementation and all that our regular coaching programs involve.

This program is designed as a mix of lower frequency coaching sessions, access to our new and existing BOSS modules. What our existing clients love most is the emergency ‘Bat Phone’ direct line to a coach in case of emergency to strategise and implement.

This program is strictly by invitation only and only offered to those that have successfully implemented the BOSS system.