Effective Hourly Rate (EHR) Calculator

This free calculator tool is designed for Business Owners looking to build a “commercial, profitable enterprise that works mostly without them” with a productivity ‘tracking’ score for how they are doing. As Business Coaches I’ve used EHR-Effective Hourly Rate across more than 70 different industries to give myself as the Coach and Coaching Clients a quick consistent measure for how productive they are at building a more valuable business. You can find more information about EHR-Effective Hourly Rate here.

The 16 Word Sales Letter Builder

This online tool was built to help Business Owners & Salespeople write better copy using Evaldo Albuqurque’s copywriting process from his book “The 16 Word Sales Letter” which provides most of us with a framework to give structure and find quick opportunities for improvement in our copy. You can find more information about The 16 Words Sales Letter here.

5-Ways Profit Calculator (Coming Soon)

Business Diagnostics Tool (Coming Soon)

Wheel Of Life Tool (Coming Soon)

Wheel Of Business Tool (Coming Soon)