So you’re interested in business growth coaching…

Here’s 5 Common Reasons why clients look to Geoff Currie and Business Growth Leaders as their coach…

When clients tell us why they selected us to help them achieve their goals, no one could blame us for thinking their answers were scripted!…they chose us because we have a record for providing solutions that businesses actually want – and for that matter, that we have used ourselves!

Some of the common reasons that clients choose Geoff Currie as their business coach are to sell their business, to stop fighting fires, to build sales, along with many more.

That’s what we do at Business Growth Leaders – we help you to find the strengths in your business and build upon them, as well as the weaknesses in your business, which we help you correct. Then we add new systems to grow you and your business to reach your goals.

#1 “Sell my business…”

Now not everybody wants to sell their business in three to five years for a whole pot of money. Many BGL clients want to continue building their current business for many years to come.  

Our Business Growth Coaches have tools at their disposal, that can help you make the best decisions to preserve and improve the businesses value, so that you get the best valuation and the most money when that time does come. BGL will do this by: 

  • Improving your staff and management team.
  • Systemising your business (‘turnkeying’)
  • Or even help you decide how to expand to more company owned locations, teach you the tricks in the licensing process, and even help you franchise your business. 

#2 “Stop fighting fires…”

Let’s face it – fire fighting is a fact of business life. Right? After all, things happen: customers complain…things don’t go right…products don’t ship…staff don’t show up…every single day.

In the 21st century, all of us run lean operations, and the leaner you run, the more sensitive you are to things going haywire when something doesn’t go exactly as  planned. 

Any little thing can be the spark that sets the flames ablaze.

That’s why Business Growth Leaders developed the Business Growth Coaching programs. Our Growth 

Coaches are trained to help you prioritise the emergencies, figure out where to most efficiently put your energy, make quick and appropriate decisions, and find the best way to get things done on a daily basis. In other words, we help you work on your business, not in it. 

#3 “I want to build sales…”

When we ask business owners want they want to accomplish through BGL, most what to substantially build their sales, and increase profits at the same time. Have you tried before? Hiring sales people, even sales managers – and maybe getting a bit of an increase – or even a significant one – for a period of time. But then…? It’s back to wherever you were before. Right? 

The good news is that this is something BGL can help you with. 

We’ve done it before, many times – and helped companies of all sizes increase their sales – and profits – sometimes incrementally, sometimes dramatically. How? 

BGL gives business owners a coaching system with more than 298 strategies to help them achieve Growth in their business – any one of which could immediately explode your sales.

#4 “I want to build a business so I can pass it on to my heirs – but I don’t think there’s anyone who can step into my shoes.”

BGL can help you systemise your business – create checklists, scripts, tools, and detailed documentation – we call it turnkeying – so that it runs like clockwork, producing consistently profitable results even when you’re away on important business, working on growth projects – or better yet – on extended vacation. 

How does this work? Checklists, scripts, and detailed documentation shares knowledge – protecting your company from dependence on one or two key people. It also positions your company for explosive growth by making it easy to duplicate your success in new locations – even new countries – as well as making it simple (even possible) to find people with the right values to continue the work 

The Business Growth Leaders will help you groom your heirs to actually take over the key jobs when you’re ready. Our trained growth coaches will work closely with them (just as we do with you) to build their decision making and prioritising muscles so that they bring the greatest possible contribution to the business. 

Really, no matter what you future plans, the Business Growth Leaders programs – including marketing, sales, product development and cash consciousness will help you grow your business so that when you do decide to pass it on, it’s worth exceeds more than you ever would have believed…How does that sound?

#5 “I want to acquire my competitors…”

Most entrepreneurs think only of “organic growth”, i.e. more customers, more locations, more products, increase prices and profits – that sort of thing. 

It’s refreshing, though, to meet a business owner who understands that taking over your competitors is a viable growth strategy. It’s even viable for a small business – yes, taking over a larger competitor is a great way to expand quickly. 

But it is a road fraught with peril, and definitely not for the naïve or the faint of heart – but for those who know what they’re doing, or have a seasoned business coach on the team who has done it before. 

The Business Growth Leaders coaching team is scalable. We can provide consistent management and entrepreneurial coaching to all of your key leaders, wherever they are located. We can help you with disseminating the new company vision, and conduct ‘alignment sessions’ to get your new staff up to speed and ‘on the bus’ as fast as possible. 

If you’re thinking of acquisition as a path to rapid growth, think of Business Growth Leaders as your business growth coaching partner. 

In summary, our clients choose us for many reasons, but consider that there are only two ways to build your profit and get your life back:

  1. (1) Make tons of mistakes and spend years getting there; or
  2. (2) You can adopt the processes that have been proven to work with hundreds of companies, many of them just like yours.

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