Sellability Driver 7 of 8: Customer Satisfaction

The video of the 7th driver of Sellability speaks how important customer satisfaction is to a business. That it should be quantified to back the business up in reference to its value.

Video Transcript:

Customer satisfaction is an obvious driver of sellability, so obviously how satisfied are your customers is gonna be important to a buyer. When a buyer buys a company, they’re buying a future, so when you leave right after the sun set, they’re gonna wanna know how’s the business gonna be performing when you’re gone, the owner.

To drive up your score in this attribute, you gotta really quantify, empirically, quantitatively measure customer satisfaction, probably the most, well liked and well respected way to do that is something called the net promoter score. Essentially your measuring, benchmarking your performance on the likelihood that your customers are gonna recommend you, and the more you have that data, the more you’ll know that your customers are satisfied, but the more acquires will also be able to see that your customers are satisfied and likely to repurchase from you.

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