Case Study: Coaching Team Getting The Owner Focused

This week I caught up with another of our awesome clients and business growth leaders – Iain Murray, from Ausland Landscaping. He shared with us how coaching helped him get the best out his team and kept him focussed on actions that grew his business. Read on to learn how…

Stop the time wasting – Achieve Business & Personal Goals

In late 2007, managing director of Ausland Landscaping, Iain Murray agreed to meet with a BGL growth coach.  Iain had some goals he wanted to tick off his bucket list; some personal, some commercial, and recognised that if he was serious about achieving them, he needed someone to inspire ideas and get him focused on the right areas for the necessary amount of time. Iain says, growth coaching stopped him from “reinventing the wheel everyday”. But to stop time wasting and double handling, some hard work was needed to document things, and get everybody on the same page.  Naturally, most people would subconsciously rather keep things ‘as they are’ at the cost to themselves, to their family and to their business.  But perhaps Iain’s response to addressing issues best sums up the better way of living…

…it’s an effort to do it at the time, but it’s an investment in the future.

And today Iain reaps the rewards, saying “...the bigger ones (goals) have happened.” …Including owning luxury vehicles, multiple properties and land titles, a growing team & machinery fleet, and commercial location in a thriving business district.

Client Profile

Business Name:Ausland Landscaping
Description:Medium sized landscaping construction & maintenance company
Owner:  Iain Murray
Coaching Start Date: 2007
Coach: Geoff Currie
Size: < 50 + contractors
Location: Melbourne, VIC

Of course, being a leader means achieving through others.  So how did he develop his team?

The staff would actually ask, ‘can I have time with Geoff’, and other times I would say, “Geoff, can you speak with such and such.”

Ausland is focused and believes it’s prudent for an impartial coach to help them distinguish the trees from the forest, especially when it comes to personalities and team.

“It would never enter my mind not to trust Geoff (with the team).”

Iain tells everyone about him and BGL.  He says, “you’re better off with a coach earlier, than later.”

So what about you?

Is it time you called 61 3 5338 1234 and arranged a Free Business Performance Assessement with a fellow business owner and coach to get the focus you need to get more from your business?

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