You Need A Business Coach … Even If You Don’t Want One! 1

You Need A Business Coach … Even If You Don’t Want One!

In a recent podcast interview I listened to, famed thought leader Seth Godin exclaimed that nowadays, nobody wants a [business] coach … everybody who wants a coach already has got themselves one … I think Seth is absolutely right, and I couldn’t agree more!

Business Owners Want Results …

Here’s why…just like nobody wants to buy a drill bit, but they do want to buy a hole.

No business owner wants a business coach, however, every business owner still needs the benefits, results, and success that a coach can bring to their ‘business team’.  Now, we’ve all heard of a coach, in sporting terms for football team, an athlete or even a swimmer. They get hired for results, and to maximise the chance of success by playing at their best.

For most business owners, it’s still a new concept. Not to mention the typical pre-disposition to a business owner wanting to do it all on their own, and not take on or admit they need help to get to the next level.  Yet this is usually the very thing that is holding the business back from growing.

Change Is Inevitable…With, Or Without You.

But as business moves rapidly along into this new millennium, and with the rapid expansion of the internet, technology and communication, it is becoming evident that the world doesn’t seem as big.

A businesses traditional patch of turf they operate in is changing. Markets are becoming global, and more importantly competition is increasing as consumers have greater choice. More and more business owners are looking for that edge or the fine tuning that can make the difference in their businesses.

The smart ones are looking outside their normal resources for the information and guidance they realise is needed, for them to develop and educate themselves and grow their own businesses.  Steve Jobs once stated about why Apple can adapt faster “They hire people to tell them what to do; we hire people to tell us what to do.”

In business you’re either growing or you’re dying. And a business will only grow to the level of its owner’s knowledge or beliefs. So the business owners who ultimately succeed, are those who look to increase their own knowledge and are prepared to accept changes in the way they think.

Four Levels of Entrepreneurial Thinking

To further emphasise this point, let’s look at the different levels of thinking typically seen in business growth and development.

Level #1 Employee – “What’s in it for me?”

First, we have employees thinking “how much do I get paid?”, then the business owners –  “how can I get more out of my staff?”.

Level #2 Self-Employed – “Only I can do it right”

The next level is being “self” employed and their thinking is… you guessed it — “only I can do the job properly!”

Level #3 Business Owner – “How can I make more with business?”

Now, the next level is where the real success is had for a business owner who thinks “how can I get more money from this business?”. Taking them from working “in” their businesses to working “on” their business. This “leap” does involve a change in thinking and in this process of change, having a coach or mentor at this stage is a valuable ingredient.

Level #4  Entrepreneurial Investor – “How to make money with money?”

This final level which escapes most business owners is an entrepreneurial investor “how can I make more money with the money I have?”

Getting Stuck Between…

Business owners, don’t get stuck ‘on’ a level, in my experience they get stuck ‘in between’ the levels.  For example; there are many business owners who would say they are at level 3 as business owners with all the staff, resources and expenses that go along with that business…but their mindset and resulting actions are still stuck on level 2 as self-employed and trying to do it all themselves, and therefore only growing to a capacity limit of the owner.  Too much time in this space generally results in disaster for the business or it’s owner.

These are of course general concepts, but it shows that in business and in life you can achieve much more, being open to learning, change and the assistance of others. The most successful people are the ones who realise this and seek all three to grow themselves and their business.

In Business As In Sport…

Back to our sporting analogy – what separates elite athletes from average athletes with great potential? Only their thought processes, techniques, motivation and, of course a fantastic coach. Sure, to be a top athlete you would already have these, but it’s getting there, maintaining it and constantly seeking to improve for that edge over the competition, that makes a winner.  Yes, most athletes including the sporting greats have flat spots and that’s where a coach helps them through and out the other side.

Jim Rohn’s quote, “Never wish the job were easier, wish you were better!” says it all.

Look  In The Mirror…

Business is simple, people are complicated. And changing your business can be the easy part, changing yourself and your team can be the greatest hurdle. Having a business coach helps you maintain your motivation, refine your skills, gain constructive feedback and attain constant improvement in your business.

If you would like to learn more about how a coach could maximise the performance of your business or how to transition the levels of entrepreneurial thinking quickly contact our team for more information and help. Or book directly into a strategy session where we will show you how to double your profit and halve your working hours in a quick 10-minute call.



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