Here is a method that’s helping business owners hire the right employee, first time

To recruit means to enter the battlefield of strategy, cunning and possible ‘retreat’ if you find you hired the wrong person.

It’s not easy. Most applicants present well and possess the ‘skills’ for the job. But how do you know if applicant A, B or C is the right person for the role and your business? And how do you spot ‘trouble’ a mile away? Here’s how:

If you want to recruit the right person, hire on attitude not skills

The biggest mistake business owners make is hiring on skills and then firing on attitude. Skills are only skin deep, but attitude determines how well the surface skills will be applied.

For example, if an applicant’s attitude towards “being orderly” is poor, chances are you shouldn’t hire them to be your bookkeeper.

To get you thinking about the kind of attitude based questions you need to ask in building your team, here’s five sample interview questions for you.

5 sample attitude based questions:

  1. Would your past supervisors say that you are orderly?
  2. What does “being orderly” mean to you?
  3. Would those who know you best say your word can be trusted? Why or why not?
  4. What are some legitimate reasons to miss work?
  5. Would your previous supervisor say that you were good at following instructions? Why or why not?

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