Why You DON’T Need A Business Coach

Today I just wanted to tell you why you DON’T need a business coach.

What the!… You’re probably thinking. Why would you need a coach to tell you this?

OK. I’m the first to admit that coaching will not fix every business situation or problem. From my experience, here are two key reasons you think you wouldn’t need a coach.

Your business already works for you and not the other way around.

This means, you’re ecstatic with the results you are currently getting for yourself and your business.

You have heaps of customers and you’re making tonnes of cash; and you have the best team in the world running your business for you.

You’ve made it… everything runs like clockwork. You’ve achieved a “commercial profitable enterprise that runs without you”. Congratulations! You don’t need me as your coach.


You don’t want a coach because you’re in DENIAL.

The reality is, you work for the business and not the other way round. Your business is caving in, your cash flow is shot, your teams a mess and you’re working ridiculous hours.

But you believe it’ll be OK.

Just keep doing the same things, and do them harder and more often and it’ll be fine.

After all, it’s your business – you don’t need any help from anyone, you know all the answers.

You may need a coach, but you don’t want one or help from anyone else for that matter.

Sorry if this is you, I’m not trying to offend.

You see, I can’t help someone until they want help and they’re willing to change.

From my experience, chances are, your situation won’t change either. Because it’s you against the rest of the world… tough odds.

OK. There are probably other reasons why you don’t think you need a business coach but these are the two main ones.

Apart from those… coaching will work for your business success.

Are you open to making your business work even better than it is now?

Maybe we should have a coffee and further discuss the opportunities for your business and getting your life back?

If that’s you, drop us a line and let’s get cracking.

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