Take action in your business like Michael Jordan does on the court.

Successful business owners, or any successful person for that matter will spend more time ‘in action’ than the rest of the crowd and they commit to actions quickly.  The familiar Nike ‘Just do it’ attitude is a key part to their rule system and their expectations of themselves and those around them.  I came across a quote yesterday that I haven’t seen before which demonstrates the type of commitment to action that I see when coaching successful clients.

“Just elevate! – Decide in the air.”

– Michael Jordan

I love this piece of wisdom and more business owners need to back themselves in the moment with this attitude.  Far too many overcomplicate their planning, give in to their doubts, and generally procrastinate until the opportunity is gone only to start the next cycle of the same on the next ‘opportunity’.

My observation as a business growth coach is that we all get ample opportunities, however, the successful among us take get into motion first and then decide how to make the most of it.

Here are a couple of real life client examples where they jumped in, and then figured it out.

  1. A construction client who had been wondering about expanding into another state where there were growing opportunities.  A session with their, the goal and focus set.  Within the next week he discovered an existing opportunity for sale, acted promptly and the deal was done. Investment $250K, profit $40K per month.
  2. A web host & design client procrastinating about performance appraisals because he felt he wasn’t sure what to do, or how they would react.  A few tips and push from me as their coach, and job was done within the week.  And the outcome for my client and his team the following week … in their own words “Geoff, it’s like I’ve got a brand new team”.
  3. A pest control client, who wouldn’t call previous clients back to rebook follow up services because they were unsure what to say and how the client would react.   After a month of procrastination on their coaching assignment they jumped in.  Sure the first few were a bit shaky but with some help they figured it out.  The result; 93% of past clients rebooked, as you can imagine they got very busy.

I guarantee that in your business right now, there are thing to do, and deals to be done that you are stalling.

What opportunities should you be jumping on today?

Game on!

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