Appreciate Your Best clients for Around $10/month and Still Feel Good About Yourself 1

Appreciate Your Best clients for Around $10/month and Still Feel Good About Yourself


Finding the ideal gift or card for clients is never easy on a budget. The trouble of getting in the car (or searching the internet) and browsing from store to store to buy a decent gift is all too difficult and expensive – that is, if you don’t understand the power of appreciation.

Studies show that 67% of clients move on due to perceived indifference. In other words, your clients switch to a competing business when they are not appreciated by you. Coming into the Christmas season, I wonder how many of your clients know you appreciate them? Or, when the last time you told them you appreciate them was? Maybe your clients have forgotten about you?… remind them that you’re there for them.

In case you planned to avoid sending a client gift/card this year I want to teach you an essential marketing strategy to keep your best clients happy. It’s a strategy I use it myself to gain referrals, move prospects along the sales cycle, and acknowledge some of my hardest working clients and their team.

The Strategy … Send your clients a Christmas card (thank you card)

My proven sales & marketing strategy revolves around using seasonal thankyou cards, greeting cards and postcards to genuinely acknowledge someone.  It just so happens that acknowledging a person tends to produce fantastic results for my business. Let me tell you about the system I use.

Specifically, I recommend using SendOutCards at as a leveraged option to do this. (See below for Complimentary Access – I’m paying for it :))

Apart from being a great customer service strategy, it is also super cheap (starting around 49 cents plus stamp) using my strategy. I have been using a system for the past 2 ½ years that allows me to send hundreds of personalised cards in under 10 minutes.

Fast facts:

  • Yes… they are real cards.
  • Yes… they are sent with a real stamp.
  • Yes… you can choose from over 15,000 standard designs from over 500 categories.
  • Yes… you can upload your own designs & photos on either the cover or inside.
  • Yes… you can scan your own handwriting & signature for use in the cards.
  • Yes… you can send gifts with the cards.
  • Yes… the system has a contact manager which you can use to automate reminders or cards for birthdays, anniversaries, plus … other special dates and put the sending on auto-pilot.
  • Yes… they are cheap starting at 49cents plus stamp for a postcard or 98 cents for a greeting card.
  • Yes… send 1 or 1000 they are still the same price and can be individually customised.

Start Sending Christmas Cards for FREE

If you act and send a card ( of appreciation to your clients, you’ll be top of mind and give your cash flow a real boost before Christmas.

To send a FREE card card, click here ( And if you’re happy with that, for 49cents each you can start appreciating your clients. You can even add a gift! It will be posted with a real stamp the next day.

Just in case you are thinking you don’t have time to show appreciation to your customers, think about how much time it will take to replace them and all the people they refer to you!

So go ahead now and send your top clients a card of appreciation.

Drop me a line at [email protected] if you have questions

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