We hear it all the time – “I want to pass my family business onto a successor my heirs, but I don’t think there’s anyone who can step into my shoes.” And… “I want to put sell my business but I don’t have an exit plan.“

You know what? Nobody should have to step into your shoes. Who would want to.

What your sons or daughters want is to be able to take over your business, in healthy condition, and put their stamp on it. Make it their own.

And make you proud.

What if their not ready?

Business Growth Leaders business coaches can help.

First, we can help you systemise your business – create checklists, scripts, tools, and detailed documentation – we call it turnkeying – so that it runs like clockwork, producing consistently profitable results even when you’re away on important business, working on growth projects – or better yet – and extended vacation. Turnkeying protects your company from dependence on one or two key people. (You know, the kind of people who are going to be really unhappy when you give the company to your kids instead of them.)
Turnkeying also positions your company for explosive growth by making it easy to duplicate your success in new locations – even new countries – and makes it simple (even possible) to find the right kind of people – the kind of people who share your family values – so that someone else can continue your life’s work when you’ve decided to move on.

Can you imagine? We once had clients who were so nice to each other that they could never tell each other the truth when it wasn’t 100% good news. And because of that, none of the owners – all family members – knew that the others were unhappy with the way the work was being carved up. When we finally got them talking honestly, they were able to see a whole new way to structure the workflow – and as a result, the Dad – who wanted nothing more than to retire, was able to realise his dream of passing on the business. His sons now run an astonishingly successful operation – and are truely Growth Leaders in their industry.

In fact, turnkeying is a good idea even if you don’t have heirs to pass the company to. Turnkeying will help your company grow more profitably (and with a lot less stress) no matter what your future plans are.

Next, business coaching will help you groom your heirs to actually take over the key jobs when you’re ready. Our trained growth coaches will work closely with them (just as we do with you) to build those decision making and prioritising muscles so that they bring the greatest possible contribution to the business.

And no matter what you future plans, Business Growth Leaders programs – including marketing, sales, product development and cash consciousness will help you grow your business so that when you do decide to pass it on, it’s worth way more than you ever would have believed.

How does that sound?

Business Growth Leaders have moved their business exit planning tools and resources to their newest site http://www.thegreatbusinessescape.com, an online resource completely dedicated to providing business owners with viable strategies to profitably escape their business.