“And get the results I deserve…”

Have you tried before? Hiring sales people, even sales managers – and maybe getting a bit of an increase – or even a significant one – for a period of time. But then…? It’s back to wherever you were before. Right?

The good news is that this is something BGL can help you with.

We’ve done it before, many times – and helped companies of all sizes increase their sales – and profits – sometimes incrementally, sometimes dramatically. It depends what stage of the business cycle you’re in, but we can almost always make an important – sometimes life-changing difference – in helping you accomplish sales growth.


BGL gives business owners a business coaching system, with more than 298 strategies to help them achieve Growth in their business.

Some of the areas we work on together that directly impact your sales are:

Lead Generation: including dozens of lead generation tactics to increase the number of qualified prospects who may be looking for your product.

Attraction Marketing tools so that prospects are desperately searching for you instead of the other way around.

Sales and Marketing Messaging modules to improve the way you communicate with your market and your prospects, making it easier for people to find you.

UCP – or Unique Client Position– so that when your clients want something they have to get it from you.

Ideal Target Markets that help you zero in on who is most likely to buy from you, reducing your marketing expense, and concentrating your efforts in a way that almost assure your market domination.

Referral Systems to make it easy for your grateful clients to tell their associates and friends about you.

Attraction Selling – a new method of selling that makes it easier for people to buy from you

Values Selling – finding out exactly what the clients hot buttons are – at a deep and personal level – so that everything that comes out of your mouth is on target!

Usage Scripting – a revolutionary technique that slashes your sales training time to a fraction of what you previously needed, and helps you find out who is going to succeed very quickly. No other tool adds so much strength to your sales force so quickly.

Sales Letters – that sell, paving the way for your sales team, your emails, your seminars, your referrals – everything that will build your business

The list goes on. In all, there are more than 298 tremendous sales and business building strategies, giving you the down-and-dirty how to for hundreds of individual tactics, any one of which could immediately explode your sales.