Here’s 8 ways a Business Growth Leaders Coach will add value to you and your business

#1 It’s a service suited to your needs.

Unlike traditional consulting firms, a BGL business coach is designed to give you both short-term assistance and long-term training through its specialised mentoring approach.

Based on the sales, marketing and business management systems created by founder and leading Growth Coach, Geoff Currie you’ll be trained in strategies which not only show you how to increase your business profits, but develop the business so that you work less and relax more.

At Business Growth Leaders, your success truly does determine our success.

And after 2+ decades coaching & teaching business owners how to succeed, BGL’s more than 1000+ clients thank them for the work they’ve done.

#2 You’re prepared to reach your goals, and fast.

Your Business Growth Coach will work with you for a full 12-18 months to make your goals a reality.

From alternate fortnightly coaching calls & meetings and goal setting sessions, to creating marketing pieces together – you will develop new sales strategies and business systems & team development so you can work less and learn all that you need to know about how to make your dreams come true.

Your Coach will dedicate a minimum of 5 hours a month working with you on your sales, marketing, team building, business development, and every step of the plan (MAP) you created from your Alignment Consultation.

Unlike most consultants, your BGL Business Coach will do more than just show you what to do. He’ll be with you when you need him most, as each idea takes shape, as each campaign is put into place, as you need the little pointers on making it happen, when you need someone to talk to, when you’re faced with challenges and, most importantly, when you’re just not sure what to do next.

In short your Business Coach will assist you to get profitable results. To maximise your use of time, improve the happiness and efficiency of your team, and increase your bank balance.

#3 Your coach will do the hard yards with you.

If you’ve been in business for more than a few weeks, you’ve seen at least one or two so called “quick fixes.” And since you know they don’t work, you understand that you now need a solution that is both long-term and profitable. In this regard, BGL can help you.

The BGL Business Growth Cycle is designed to provide a rich return over the 12-18 month coaching period, and well into your future without a Growth Coach. Although it is not a quick fix, it is a simple strategy, easy to implement once you’re shown how.

Using this strategy you’ll work on different areas of your business, and month by month you’ll not only see your goals become results, you’ll gain the confidence, knowledge and leadership skills to make it happen again and again.

#4 You’ll learn how to create and manage time better.

One of the finest things is to be more efficient with time. So your Growth Coach will show how to, on a day-to-day bases, get more work done with less effort.

This skill will be particularly important since the first few months of your coaching will be toughest, not because of an extra amount of work, but because of the different work. Yes, your Growth Coach will teach how to do things better so you may need some time to readjust.

Then, depending on your goals from about month six onwards, you’ll start to see the results of all your work, and if you choose to, you can start working less than ever before. Just remember, it’s about changing what you do with your time, not putting in more time.

#5 Your strategies will save and, most likely, multiply your money

The biggest expense in any business is wages. If you’re not getting the most from your team, what would happen to your profits if your team worked smarter? No doubt they would sky rocket.

In most cases we’ll actually save you money when we find the areas that aren’t working for you. But yes, I’m sure you’ll need to spend some money to make some money.

Yet, when you follow our simple testing and measuring systems, you’ll never risk more than a few dollars on each campaign, and when we find the ones that work, we make sure you keep profiting from them time and again.

Remember, when you go the accounting way of savings costs, you can only ever add a few percent to the bottom line.

Following our business growth formula, your Growth Coach will show you that through sales, marketing, and income growth, your possible returns are exponential. The sky’s the limit, as they say.

#6 Your growth coach will train you.

Depending on your needs, your growth coach will suggest literary, audio , video and/or conferences for you to get your teeth into, and encourage you to follow through on it. Any resource your coach introduces will be specific to you needs and necessary for you to reach your goals.

#7 Your growth coach can train your team.

We believe that training your people is almost as important as coaching you.

So, where required, your growth coach will work with your team and make the needed inroads to positively impact your finances, business, career, family, and lifestyle. You’ll be amazed at how much involvement and excitement comes out of training your team.

#8 Your growth coach can write ads, letters, and marketing pieces for you.

Yes. Your BGL Growth Coach can do it for you, he can train you to do it yourself, or we can simply critique the marketing pieces you’re using right now. What’s more, if you’d prefer to take on the challenge yourself you Growth Coach can introduce to CDs, books that will teach you how to create your marketing pieces.