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How Sellable Is Your Business

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For many business owners, their retirement nest egg is their business, or the very least makes up a significant chunk of it. Yet so many business owners spend too little time or effort developing the business to be more valuable. As a result, most business owners are ill prepared for what amounts to one of their biggest sales… the actual business.In this book, you will discover:

  • why our freedom from the business is crucial
  • the importance of building a sellable business
  • the 8 key divers to building a valuable, desirable, and sellable asset, which you can apply in your business
  • unlock the business value with tips, tactics, and strategies
  • the art of sale – what you need before meeting the buyer
  • access to online tools and resource
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Title: How Sellable Is Your Business
Author: Geoff Currie
Paperback:  224 pages


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