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Wink and Grow Rich

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This book holds the keys to your wealth. Don’t put it down.

The keys will remain in this book until you open it and take them out…

You can open it now, but to take out the keys, first you need to find them…

The keys are in a story behind the story: A lesson behind the lesson. That means to find the keys, you need to become better at seeing. What you see will always be what you get. Each time you read the book, you will see a little better until, one by one, you take the keys out and use them to unlock the doors to your wealth. If you work hard enough, in time you will find the final key. This is referred to throughout the story, and it is the biggest key by far. It unlocks the door to wealth beyond words. Time is your greatest asset, and your wealth awaits. So don’t waste another minute. Don’t question. Just read this book. Read it now. Read it and grow rich…

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Title: Wink ang Grow Rich
Author: Roger Hamilton
Paperback: 134 pages
Publisher: Achievers International (August 1, 2002)


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