How Valuable Is Your Business?

Make More, Work Less While Building A Valuable Business

Delivery via Australia Post


Delivery via Australia Post

Why wait until you sell/retire your business to enjoy the taste of freedom?
If you’re a business owner with 5 or more team then I wrote this book for you.


Building your business the right way should allow you a work-life balance to create your true wealth: Building you more money, more meaning, and more freedom.

For many business owners, their retirement nest egg is the business, or at the very least makes up a significant chunk of it.

Yet, so many business owners spend little or no time or effort developing their business to be more valuable so that they can’t enjoy the freedom while they own it, or in retirement. As a result most business owners are ill-prepared for what amounts to one of their biggest sales…the actual business!

This book is designed as a call to action, and to show you a path to maximise payday…even if you don’t plan to sell for years.

Let this book show you how with tips, tactics & strategies


Hi… My name is Geoff Currie.

I help successful business owners who are stuck in their business working hard, and still not seeing the results they deserve.

I help them turn their existing business with time, team & money challenges into one that is profitable, predictable, and performing.

By giving them a work-life balance they can enjoy both their business, and also their family, friends, and some fun.

I wrote my latest book for you to show you how…

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In This Free 128 Page Book, I’ll Show You…

  • Why your achieving & demonstrating freedom from the business now is crucial in building value later.
  • The strategic importance of building a saleable business today … even if you don’t plan to sell.
  • How to unlock your hidden business value with 100’s of tips, tactics, and strategies.
  • Learn the 8 key drivers to build a valuable, desirable, and saleable asset, which you can apply in your own business … even if you’re planning to grow and keep your business as an investment or run under management.
  • The art of the sale – when you’re ready to sell, how to attract the right buyers, and what you need to know before meeting them.
  • Additional online resources, and assessment tools are available with this book.
  • and so much more
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