Let’s get you setup in our system and working toward your success in the areas of time, team and money. You are joining our “30-day trial Pilot Program” as part of our Business Growth Leaders Coaching program.

Note: You will not be debited any money during the first month, then $1800 + GST per month until you complete or opt out of the program.

What You’ll Get:

  • Foundation 30-Day Coaching Program to help you get the core systems in place so you can hit the ground running with time to work ON your business.
  • Strategic Game Plan calls with your Business Coach to determine your initial focus areas and your specific strategies for success.
  • Fortnightly 1:1 Coaching to learn what’s working now in each of the Key Business Drivers (Attract-Convert-Deliver-Scale) so you can keep moving forward!
  • Weekly Implementation Office Hours to get you “unstuck” with any tool or system you are implementing.
  • Access to The BGL Toolbox to “swipe and deploy” our tools and systems and give you massive leverage.
  • Unlimited additional 1:1 Coaching whenever you need it so you can keep moving forward!
  • 3-Months of tech task support for implementing online marketing funnels, website tweaks to help you automate and crank up your lead flow.
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Pilot Program: Account Setup Details 2
Pilot Program: Account Setup Details 3